Process of losing weight

Tatiana has already gone through several attempts: took medicine and made various diets. She even lost weight, but then she’d put on weight again Dietonica. “I started a number of academies and I did not follow, I did the protein diet, the dukan diet and several others that did not work out. I never had much willpower to continue, “he laments.

The choice of the beginning of the year to start has a meaning. In 12 months, as the year begins again, she wants to be able to look back and see the beginning of everything: the beginning of this change she chose to pursue. “With the blog, I’m much more motivated,” said Tatiana, who has also made an Instagram and is being followed by several people.
The journals are also a tool of the CBT directed to the slimming. According to the family psychotherapist Aline Rodrigues, in them must be written the flaws and the slips, as they reveal the triggers and situations that lead the person in the process of losing weight Dietonica Review to eat. “Slipping from time to time is normal and is not a reason to give up. When you become aware of this failure, be more careful not to slip again,” he explains.

It is this idea that has made social networks powerful tools of motivation. People in the same situation follow each other’s efforts. As diet becomes an open book, there are several words of encouragement, in victories and weaknesses. “I’m on the pile to do physical activity, but one day I was tired and I put a thought in my head: ‘remember your blog.’ It worked,” says Tatiana.


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