Search for more years of life

That was the case with Marcelo Camargo Alves, 41. “I’ve almost always been overweight Keto Burn, but I did not have that as a problem, I think because of accommodation,” recalls the electrician, who lost 33 pounds since July 2013. Even though he did not perceive obesity as a problem, he bothered when he bought clothes or went to the beach, for example. “People around me were critical of me and I always said the same thing: ‘Why do I have to follow this aesthetic pattern? I am fat happy!’ I literally deceived myself,” he acknowledges.

In the middle of last year, in the periodic examination required by the company where he works, Marcelo found that he had pre-diabetes and high cholesterol. In the exercise test the doctor told her that he looked great, but for someone who was 65 years old.

The words were so strong that he decided to change the course of his life. The support of the family is one of the sources of motivation that he has pursued, in addition, of course, to the search for more years of life Keto Burn. “I wake up and I look at my daughter thinking that this fight is for health to stay with her,” she believes.



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